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Tombstone Inscriptions
Ballymascanlon Churchyard

Transcribed by
Alan B. Swan

Note to the Reader. Where the old-fashioned form of the letter “S” is found on the inscriptions, this is denoted by the use of the letter”f”, e.g. “Sufana” for “Susana”, “fon” for “son” etc.
- A.B. Swan
The original transcription by Mr. Swan was verbatim from the headstones for interments up to 1969. An update to September 2011 by Faughart Historical Society has been made from entries in the Parish Register. The dates are those of burial at Ballymascanlon.

ABERNETHY. Erected/by/James Abernethy/in loving memory of his wife/Isabella Abernethy/who died Sept. 10th, 1904/ aged 47 years./Also her baby Emily/ who predeceased her 11 years.
ARMSTRONG Margaret Armstrong, Petestown, Carlingford.. 19th August 1978. Age 98.
ARMSTRONG Thomas Robert Armstrong, Petestown, 7th August 1974. Age 52
BABINGTON George Babington, Mountain View, Castletown Cross, Dundalk. 26th December 2007. Age 70
BARETT. ERECTED/by A: M: Barrett in/Memory of her Husband/Robert Barett, who depd/ this Life 2nd of May, 1787/Aged 46 Yrs also 4 of their/children. Also the above Maria/ Barrett who depd 10th/Jany 1803, aged 58 yrs.
BARETT. Here Lyeth the Body of George/Barett Also the Body of Ellis/Barett AND here Lyeth the/Body of John Barrett Senr of/Jonesborough who departed this/Life the 16th of April 1796 Aged/60 Years/Also the Body of Eliza Wife of/ Hugh Barrett Aged 42 Years.
BARETT. HERE/Lyeth the Body of/William Barett/who Departed this/Life the 21st of Novr/1781 Aged 81 Years.
BARKER Richard Barker, Demesne House, Dundalk. 20th December 2004. Age 91
BARRETT. Here Lieth the Body of Richd Barrett/who departed this life the 2nd of Decem/ber 1801 aged 56 Years. Also his son/Graham who departed this life the 17th of December 1801 aged 18 Years/Also his Daughter Sufana who departed/this life 7th of April 1803 aged 14/ Years ALSO Anne Barrett wife/to the above Richd Barrett who/Departed this life the 27th of Sepr/1820 aged 62 Years.
BARRETT. Here Lyeth the Body of Elizabeth/Barrett wife of Jno Barrett of Dow/dalshill who departed this life the 26/ day of April, 1807 Aged 52 years ALSO/her Daughter Eliza Aged 9 months.
BARRETT. Here lyeth the Body of Seragh/Mary Barrtt who departed this life the 2nd ofAuguft 1795 Aged 22 years ALSO/Margret Barrett wife to/ Gabriel Barrett who departed/this Life the 3rd of Sepr 1805 aged/72 years.
BARRETT. In memory of/JOHN BARRETT/of Dundalk/died Oct. 30th 1844/Aged 44 years/ Erected 1862.
BEATTY. In loving memory of/Pakenham Wm Beatty/who died 10th Nov 1879/aged 55 years./ Erected by/his devoted wife/and sons./ Also of his parents/Anne, wife of Pakenham Beatty,/ who died 7th July 1862: aged 73 years./Pakenham Beatty/who died 1st March 1877 aged 85 years/and sister Isabella Beatty/who died 24th December 1878, aged 60 years.
BEATTY. See Black.

BEATTY .IN MEMORY/of/WILLIAM THOMPSON BEATTY/son of the late Robt Beatty Esqr/formerly of Spring Park in the/County of Longford/Died 13th Octr 1823/Aged 21 years./ Also Elizabeth Mary Beatty Relict of the late/ Robert Beatty Esqr and Daughter of the late/Daniel McNeale Esqr of Strandfield/who departed this life the 2nd day of July, 1844/ aged 81 years.
BENISON. This Tomb/has been erected by/NICOLINA BENISON./to the Memory of her beloved Husband/ RICHARD BENISON,/of Ravensdale/who departed this life/the 5th May 1845/ANN FOXALL/died Novr29th 1870 aged 26./NICHOLINA BENISON/died Octr 1st 1871 aged 76./POWELL FOXALL died August 9th 1875/Aged 75.

BLACK. Anne Frances MacNeale Black/died in Dublin 4th June, 1876/Margaret Elizabeth/wife of/ James MacNeale Beatty/ died at Winchester 4th September, 1879,/ James Wolfe MacNeale Black/died 25th January 1881 ./Children of John and Anne Black.
BLACK. In memory of/John Black/of Annaskeagh, Co. Louth/ who died I5th July, 1866/and of Anne his wife/who died December 1872/this monument is erected in sorrowing memory/by his beloved daughter/and sole survivor of the family./AII are departed./AII are gone, the old familiar faces. Charles Lamb
BLACK. John Edward MacNeale Black/Lieut. 8th King's Regt./ died at Berhampore Bengal/ 18th September 1858/ Isabella MacNeale Black/died at Penzance/19th July 1871/Harry MacNeale Black/died at Annaskeagh, April, 1873/Children of/John and Anne Black.

BOLLARD. In loving memory/of/THOMAS BOLLARD/who died at Dundalk/on 11th July 1901/ Aged 89 years/and of his beloved wife/Sarah/who entered into her rest on/18th Feby 1904, aged 69 years/also of their children,/Sarah Frances who died on/4th Sept. 1877, aged 13 years./ George Thomas, who died on/5th April 1881 aged 26 years./There remaineth therefore a Rest/ for the people of God./ Doherty, Dundalk.
BOTHWELL Cecil Maxwell Bothwell, Ballymascanlon, Dundalk. 26th December 1993. Age 77
BOTHWELL Douglas Thomas Bothwell, Millgrove, Ballymascanlon. 24th August 2007. Age 89.
BOTHWELL Edwin Gardiner Bothwell, Nursing Home, Mount Avenue, Dundalk. 16th September 1996. Age 96
BOTHWELL Evelyn Maud Bothwell, Avenue Road, Dundalk. 15th November 1980. Age 72
BOTHWELL Margaret Bothwell, Dublin, 29th June 1974 Age-
BOTHWELL Maude Ethel Bothwell, nee Allen, Annadale Nursing Home, Belfast, late of Strandfield. 26th April 2010 Age 89
BOTHWELL Noel Bothwell, Strandfield, Dundalk. 7th March 1990. Age 70
BOTHWELL. There is a large family grave with a stone engraved : Bothwell/Piedmont. I am told that this grave contained the remains of John Bothwell, died 12th Sept. 1877 and his wife, Mary Ann Bothwell, who died about 1912 and their children Margery Bothwell, who died 2nd Feb. 1891, aged 22 years ; Robert Bothwell, who died 15th Nov. 1896; and also Emma Bothwell, Edward Bothwell, Lillie Bothwell and Maria Bothwell who died about 1924.
BOTHWELL. THOMAS HENRY BOTHWELL/of Strandfield/ Born 14 April 1867 Died 2 June 1947/and MARY MARGARET his wife/Born 26 July 1895 Died 11 Sep 1946.
BRADFORD. Erected/BY WILLIAM BRADFORD/of Ravensdale in memory of/his two sons John and Isaac/also his son Henry died the/Hth Jany 1835 aged 37 years/Ann his wife died 14th Augt/1837 aged 71 years/Also in memory of/Rose Anne McCulloch who died/Septr 10th 1853 Aged 47 years/And to Anna McCulloch/who died Dec 25th 1855/Aged 16 years/Also to that of William McCulloch who died Septr22nd 1864/Aged 59 years/And also to the memory of/William Henry McCulloch/who died March 9th 1871/Aged 27 years/Also to the memory of/ Jane Farquharson daughter of William McCulloch/who died I8th May 1870 Aged 34 years/ Also to the memory of/ Sarah daughter of William McCulloch/who died 9th July, 1900, Aged 59 years.
BRADFORD. IN MEMORY/of Barbara Maxwell Bradford/who died on the fifth day March 1831/ Aged 27 years/This monument was erected/out of Grateful Regard to departed/worth by her affectionate/Hufband Samuel Bradford of Dundalk/WILLIAM JOCELYN BRADFORD, M.D./Died 14th August 1869/Aged 42 years.
Keep your eye fixed on the Lord Jesus Christ

BRENAN. “Because I live ye shall live also
F. E. A. V. Brenan/Bom May 24th 1865/Died August 8th 1922.
BRENAN. Joy cometh in the morning.
L. A. Brenan/Born August 3ist 1842/Died March 9th 1917.
BRENNAN Charlotte Brennan, Plaster, Dundalk. 29th June, 1971. Age 83
BROWN Laura Brown, nee Campbell, 12 Burrow Grove, Portmarnock, Co. Dublin. 16th January 1979. Age –
BROWN Walter Isaac Brown, The Manse, Carlingford. 12th August 1976 Age 74
BROWN. In loving memory of/JOHN HENRY BROWN/ Carlingford/Died 8 Dec 1954 Aged 41 / Forever with the Lord.
BRUSH. In loving memory/of/Henry Brush of Brohatna/who died 2oth Feby 1900, in his 76th year/also/of Henry his son/Aged 6 months./Also Edwina Brush/widow of Henry Brush/who died 30th Decr 1906.
BRUSH. Sacred to the memory/of/Major John Eastwood/ Ramsay Brush/Iate/The Royal Inniskilling Fusileers/and/ Royal Irish Fusileers/Born Sep. 23rd 1866/Died Feb. 14th 1922/and his sister/Edwina Maud Brush/Born Feb. 6th 1871./Died March 26th 1944.
BRUSH. See Prinsep.
BUCHANAN. To the/Memory of Alexander Buchanan/who departed this life August Hth/1848 Aged 29 years./ Margaret Douglas/Born March 25th 1815/Died October 1st1882./
"There remaineth therefore rest to/The people of God. "/Hebrews 4c 9v.
BURLINGHAM Bertie Burlingham, 55 Ard Easmuinn, Dundalk. 14th April 2003. Age 81
BURN Dorothy Burn, Castleroche, Dundalk. 6th January 1988 Age 90
BURN. In loving memory of/Elizabeth Jane Burn/Died 4 Feb. 1960.
BURNS Thomas Burns, Castleroche Barronstown, 26th August 1968. Age 80

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